Love Storm

Love Storm Taiwanese Drama English Sub Download

When love and disaster approaches at the same time, the only road to obtain true love is through bravery!

Jia Le was never able to forget, the day that her aunt got married.

At that time, her aunt of excellent upbringing was forced to break up with the one that she loves by the pressure from the family. But on the day of the wedding, young Jia Le saw with her own eyes, her aunt’s lover, for love, he put on a heroic posture that blocks the whole line of cars, including the wedding car.

Love Storm Cast
Vivian Hsu as Zhao Jia Le
Vic Zhou as Lu Ying Feng
Ken Zhu as Wan Bao Long
Beatrice Hsu as Jing Jing

Extended Cast

Paul Chun as Tang Shu
Jin Yan Ling as Mei Yun Sis
Xiu Qin as Wan Bao Zhu
Angus Zhang as Ai Lun
Wen Wen as Ma Li
Gou Feng as Ma Ye
Qu Zhong Heng as Hao Ge
Chen You Fang as Liu Shu Hao
Guo Shi Lun as Xiao Zheng
Liu Ting Xuan as Micky / Mi Qi
Linda Liu as Bao Long’s mother

Love Storm Details
Title: 狂愛龍捲風 (狂爱龙卷风) / Kuang Ai Lung Juan Feng (Kuang Ai Long Juan Feng)
Episodes: 21
Genre: Romance, comedy
Video Format: Avi

Love Storm Downloads:

Love Storm Episode 1 : Download – Love.Storm.E01.DramaDownload.avi
Love Storm Episode 2 : Download – Love.Storm.E02.DramaDownload.avi
Love Storm Episode 3 : Download – Love.Storm.E03.DramaDownload.avi
Love Storm Episode 4 : Download – Love.Storm.E04.DramaDownload.avi
Love Storm Episode 5 : Download – Love.Storm.E05.DramaDownload.avi
Love Storm Episode 6 : Download – Love.Storm.E06.DramaDownload.avi
Love Storm Episode 7 : Download – Love.Storm.E07.DramaDownload.avi
Love Storm Episode 8 : Download – Love.Storm.E08.DramaDownload.avi
Love Storm Episode 9 : Download – Love.Storm.E09.DramaDownload.avi
Love Storm Episode 10 : Download – Love.Storm.E10.DramaDownload.avi
Love Storm Episode 11 : Download – Love.Storm.E11.DramaDownload.avi
Love Storm Episode 12 : Download – Love.Storm.E12.DramaDownload.avi
Love Storm Episode 13 : Download – Love.Storm.E13.DramaDownload.avi
Love Storm Episode 14 : Download – Love.Storm.E14.DramaDownload.avi
Love Storm Episode 15 : Download – Love.Storm.E15.DramaDownload.avi
Love Storm Episode 16 : Download – Love.Storm.E16.DramaDownload.avi
Love Storm Episode 17 : Download – Love.Storm.E17.DramaDownload.avi
Love Storm Episode 18 : Download – Love.Storm.E18.DramaDownload.avi
Love Storm Episode 19 : Download – Love.Storm.E19.DramaDownload.avi
Love Storm Episode 20 : Download – Love.Storm.E20.DramaDownload.avi
Love Storm Episode 21 : Download – Love.Storm.E21.DramaDownload.avi

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