This is for Reporting dead links and Request new Series/Movies.

Don’t Report Korean Movies/Japanese Movies/Chinese Movies will update them in due time

Before requesting this are needed
1. Check the Download Link of the Series/Movies carefully if it is really not working or dead link.
2. If only one/two link is not working and other link are working don’t report it instead download from the one that is working failure to do this will result to request to be ignored.
3. If only some episode is not working but have alternate version like if the episode 3 for 720p is not working but the Episode 3 XVID version is working vice versa don’t report this just download the XVID version instead. Will fix them but it will not be on top priority
4. Specify the url of the series/movies or specify if it is Korean Drama/Movies, Japanese Drama/Movies and its Title.
5. Specify if only some episode or all are not working

Sample of Request – All episodes 720p not working – Episode not working
Japanese Drama – Tonbi – All Links not working

Report/Request in bulk instead of doing it one at a time Request/Report all the things you want in one single request.
People who donated before and to people who want to donate will have top priority on request.

Just Comment on this page or FB page post for Request don’t worry if you can’t see your request will post update on the request here.

Completed Report/Request

A Well Grown Daughter
Age of warriors
Angel’s Revenge
Crazy love
Cruel temptation
Dae mul
Dandelion family
Emperor wang gun
Evasive inquiry agency
Fashion 70s
Feast of the Gods
fermentation family
First Wives Club
Flames of Ambition
Flowers for My Life
Full House 2
Golden era of daughter in law
Gumiho tale of the fox’s child
Haru an unforgettable day in korea
Harvest villa
Hello Miss
Hong Gil Dong
Hyunhaetan marriage war
I am sam
If tomorrow comes
Kimcheed radish cubes
King gwanggaeto the great
Kyung sooks father
Love again
Love Rain
Masters sun
May Queen
Melody of Love
Merry Mary
Mother’s Garden
My sister in law is 19
Myung wol the spy
Noble Woman s
One mom and three dads
Queen seon deok
Road number one
Royal family dead
Ruler of your own world
Salamander guru
Sangdo Merchant of Joseon
Shining Romance
Smile Again
Smile dong hae
Smile you
Strike love
Sungkyunkwan Scandal
Sweet Buns
Tempted again
The chaser
Thorn birds
To the beautiful you
Water Bloom
We are dating now
When Its At Night
Wife Scandal
Mei-Chan no Shitsuji
Piece Vote

Request – New
The Girls Ghoststory (Mourning Grave)
Night flight
One night only
Return match
kenshin both
Cats and Dogs 2012
A Gold Medal Winning Tramp Dog 2014
Neighbour No. 13 – japanese movie
Housewife Kim Kwang Ja’s Third Activities (2010)
Miracle of Love (2010)
Moebius 2013
Ruse of Engagement ?? (2014)