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The film centers on an Internet game called “Who Are You” a sort of ultimate dating game where players pick partners and interact in a simulation of the real world. Commercial film star Lee Na-young makes her transition to the big screen as In-ju, an aquarium diver and former swimming champion who is a beta tester for the game.

Hyung-tae (Jo Seung-Wu), a game programmer who has devoted the last two years of his life to launching the game, becomes interested in her after conducting interviews of beta testers. He finds out her game identity and picks her as a partner in the game.

In-ju and Hyung-tae begin interacting in two different worlds: modern day Seoul, where they both work in the famous 63-story building of Korea Life Insurance in Youido, and the game’s virtual world.

Under the identities, “Mello” and “Byulee” they have late night chats while interacting in a simulation of the real world that the game creates, where they can go for virtual car rides and frequent actual areas of Seoul

Who Are You Cast
Na-yeong Lee
Seung-woo Cho
Eun-ji Jo
Jang-won Lee

Who Are You Details
Directed by: Ho Choi
Country: Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English
Year: 2002
Genre: Romance, Drama

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