Wanderer in Winter

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Paving the way for Kwak’s later melodramas like Portrait of Youth and Plum Blossom, Wanderer in Winter is a story of youth and struggle, reflecting on the hardships of the time and the universal themes of love and sorrow, desire and desperation. The film follows four young people – Min Woo, Da Hye, Hyun Tae, and Eun Young – whose lives confusingly cross paths. For Min Woo and Da Hye, first love leaves just as quickly as it comes when Min Woo ends up in prison. Upon release, he loses himself in a military town and meets street girl Eun Young, disappearing completely from Da Hye’s life. Without Min Woo by her side, Da Hye comes to rely on Hyun Tae, who is torn between his feelings for Da Hye and his friendship with Min Woo.

Wanderer in Winter Cast
An Seong-gi, Gang Seok-u, Lee Mi-suk

Wanderer in Winter Details
Also Known As: 겨울 나그네
Directed by: Gwak Ji-gyun
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English
Year: 1986
Genre: Drama, Romance

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