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Sin (Jang Dong Gun, who also played the lead role in “Friend”), a North Korean who as a child attempted to defect to the South with his family but was betrayed, resulting in the deaths of his parents. Plotting genocidal revenge, Sin takes up with a group of Thai pirates, and steals a U.S. ship carrying nuclear devices which have been secretly manufactured in Taiwan . He is pursued by Kang Se Jong (Lee Jeong Jae, also in the 2000 romantic hit “Il Mare”), a naval officer who attempts to bring Sin to justice, though who gradually comes to understand, and even sympathise with his foe.

Typhoon Cast
Jang Dong-gun, Lee Jeong-jae, Lee Mi-yeon, Kim Kap-soo, David McInnis, Heo Wook

Typhoon Details
Korean Title: Tae-poong
Year: 2005
Director: Kwak Gyeong-taek
Genre: Action / Drama / Thriller
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitles: English

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