Tazza The High Rollers

Tazza The High Rollers Korean Movie English Sub Download

Go-nee has lost his entire savings, saved over a period of 5 years, at a gambling joint. While Go-nee drinks heavily, determined to throw away his life, he discovers that he was swindled by professional fraudulent gamblers, so-called ‘slickers’. To regain his sister’s money, Go-nee begins training to be the best slicker under a master of gambling, Mr. PYEONG. Go-nee becomes famous, wandering about different gambling places throughout the country with PYEONG. Moreover, Madam JUNG who has never gotten along with Mr. PYEONG, begins to show interest in Go-nee…

Tazza The High Rollers Cast
Seung-woo Cho, Yun-shik Baek, Hye-su Kim

Tazza The High Rollers Details
Also known as: War of Flowers
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English [.srt]
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Action / Crime

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