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Film producer LEE Yeong-il is introduced to Jeong-hee, his friend’s little sister. Unable to find an appropriate slot for her in his movie, he gets her a job in a record company and watches out for her. In time, their love grows deeper. Meanwhile, director Heo Hoon, who is making the film ‘The Story of Chun-hyang’ with Yeong-il, fires the lead actress of the film, Anna, when she causes too much trouble. Instead, Jeong-hee is hired in her place. Just as Jeong-hee proves herself worthy of the casting and the film-making progresses smoothly, trouble strikes …

Spring on the Korean Peninsula Cast
Kim So-young
Kim Il-hae
Seo Wol-yeong
Yun Jeong-ran
Bok Hye-suk

Spring on the Korean Peninsula Details
Title: Ban-do-ui bom
English title: The Day After
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English
Genre: Black and white, Drama
Year: 1941
Director: Lee Gi-jin

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