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Law student Eun-sik and beautiful swimming champion Kyung-ah (Princess Hours’ Song Ji-hyo) are a campus couple. But Eun-sik has not been able to get past kissing. Still in pursuit of “getting laid”, he lets out his sexual frustration by overly working out at the gym and is now used to taking care of it himself.

On the other had, Sung-kook, a long-time college student and the leader of the school’s K-1 fighting club, shares quarters with the members of the girls’ swimming club. He freely indulges in his sexual desires with the beautiful girls of the swimming club.

After learning about Eun-sik’s troubles, Sung-kook sets out to help Eun-sik get what he wants the most. But even with Sung-kook’s guidance, Eun-sik experiences one disaster after another, and even gets mistaken for a pervert. As Eun-sik is preoccupied with finding ways to sleep with Kyung-ah, a new guy enters the picture, Kyung-ah’s childhood sweetheart. Not only could Eun-sik not find ways to sleep with Kyung-ah, he might end up losing her altogether.

Sex is Zero 2 Cast
Im Chang-jeong, Song Ji-hyo, Shin-ee, Yoo Chae-yeong, Lee Hwa-seon

Sex is Zero 2 Details
Aka: 색즉시공 시즌 2(Saek-jeung-si-gong season 2)
Year: 2007
Directed: Yoon Tae-yoon
Genre: Comedy
Run time: 111 mins
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitles: English

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