No Regret

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Leaving the country orphanage where he grew up, Su-min comes to Seoul to study design. However, after several tough jobs, he unexpectedly ends up working as a prostitute in a gay bar. There he meets Jae-min. Su-min refuses Jae-min who’s been trying everything he could to win Su-min’s heart. Jae-min is from a rich and conservative family that doesn’t accept his sexual identity. Can this relationship between two men with different backgrounds have a future? After experiencing a brief happiness as passionate lovers, Su-min and Jae-min fall into tragic situations…

No Regret Cast
Kim Nam-gil (김남길)
Lee Yeong-hoon (이영훈)
Kim Dong-wuk (김동욱)
Jeong Seung-gil (정승길)
Hwang Choon-ha (황춘하)
Kim Jung Hwa (김정화)

No Regret Details
Title: 후회하지 않아 (Hoo-hoi-ha-ji Hanh-a)
Country: South Korea
Release date: 2006/11/16 (South Korea)
Language: Korean
Director: Lee Song-hee-il (이송희일)
Screenplay: Lee Song-hee-il (이송희일)
Genre: Drama | Melodrama
Subtitles: English (hardsubbed)

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