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Su-wan is a sophomore in college, and she works part-time as a tutor to cover her tuition since her father lost his job and started a small chicken eatery. Tutoring is a tough job, especially since basket cases are more curious about what’s underneath her skirt (The mirror is the most commonly employed device in satisfying this curiosity.) than what’s in the books. Again for the zillionth time, she couldn’t hack it. It’s been only 7 days since she started teaching her new student, and already she’s been sacked. “No tutoring, no tuition,” declares her mother to make sure she understands she has no choice. So Su-wan is back on the market, and meets her next challenge — the impossible, the unconquerable and the unreformable Ji-hoon.

He’s the eldest son of a wealthy upstart. At school, he’s a well-known fighter and the king of troublemakers. And what’s more, he’s repeating his senior year for the third time. Ji-hoon, who boasts such an impressive school record, becomes a very unwilling student of Su-wan, who’s the same age but in college. She is flabbergasted by his careless manners and speech, and his incessant smoking during the lesson. Extremely tempted to quit, Su-wan is determined not to lose this job since she doesn’t want to disappoint her Mom. Yes, she’ll bring him down on his knees and under her control, so as it may seem as she tries to convince herself, but Ji-hoon tramples on her courage with his bluntness:

“Hey babe, just sit over there for two hours and then leave. I’ll make sure you get paid.” “Oh sure, why not!”

That’s how their lessons began. And from then on, things started happening one after another.

My Tutor Friend Cast
Kim Ha-neul, Kwon Sang-woo, Gong Yoo, Kim Ji-woo, Baek Il-seob, Kim Hye-ok

My Tutor Friend Details
Korean Title: Donggabnaegi Gwawoehagi
Year: 2003
Director: Kim Gyeong-hyeong
Genre: Comedy / Romance
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitles: English

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