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Boeun is an innocent 15 year old high school girl and Sangmin is a playboy who comes back to Seoul during his last year of University to complete an internship. The unlikely pair get forced into an arranged marriage because of a promise that Boeun’s grandfather made to Sangmin’s grandfather when they were in the military together. The problem is, the two of them have known each other since childhood and they really only think of each other like brother and sister. On top of that, neither one of them is mature enough to be married. Boeun’s grandfather pretends he’s dying in order to manipulate the reluctant pair to get married. They finally do it to please the family but, they want to keep it a secret from everyone else. They move into an apartment together, but until Boeun gets into University, the parents don’t want them to sleep in the same room.The mom tells them no kids till graduation, but what she means is don’t do the wild thing. Excluding the sex part, Boeun is still expected to play the role of a wife by cooking and doing her husband’s bidding. (It’s somehow unsettling to see a little girl trying to play this role.) Things get even more complicated when Boeun falls for the local high school hunk and her husband, Sangmin, gets his internship assignment at Boeun’s high school!

My Little Bride Cast
Moon Geun-yeong, Kim Rae-won, Han Jin-hee, Kim In-moon, Kim Hye-ok, Song Ki-yoon

My Little Bride Details
Korean Title: Eorin Shinbu
Year: 2004
Director: Kim Ho-joon
Genre: Comedy / Drama / Romance
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitles: English

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