My Friend and His Wife

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Two young men, Ye-joon and Jae-moon, have been close friends since doing military service together. Ye-joon has lately worked his way up to becoming a successful financier, while the unambitious Jae-moon has opted for a much less conspicuous route. He now works as a cook and is enjoying family life with his wife Ji-sook and their new-born son. Ji-sook tolerates her husband’s attachment to his friend, but everything changes after the tragic death of the child, caused by Ye-joon.

Ji-sook was in Paris when the tragedy occurred and isn’t aware of the circumstances; she even starts an affair with Ye-joon when her husband is imprisoned after taking the blame for his son’s death. Relationships which were originally crystal-clear begin to grow distinctly cloudy. With his sense of propriety and his refined manners, Ye-joon manages at length to mask his ruthless egocentricity, and Ji-sook has to endure bitter and difficult times before she realises how and with whom she is to share her future… The film’s visual minimalism accentuates the characterisation and moralistic traits in this story of an unusual human triangle.

My Friend and His Wife Cast
* Hong So-hee as Ji-sook
* Jang Hyeong-seong as Ye-joon
* Park Hee-soon as Jae-moon

My Friend and His Wife Details
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English (Soft-subbed)
Release Date: 2008
Genre: Drama

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