He Was Cool

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Having replied to a wicked post on her school website, Ye-won keeps getting a threatening call from a boy named Ji Eun-sung. Having heard about him from her friend, she keeps running away from him. But they kissed accidentally when Ye-won was trying to escape from him. Having his lips stolen by Ye-won, Eun-sung threatens her to marry him, adding that no other girl has ever kissed him before. The only thing Ye-won can do is to obey for whatever Eun-sung said. At first, Ye-won just hate him the most for his self-righteousness and unreasonableness. But she gradually finds herself is starting to fall for him…

He Was Cool Cast
Song Seung-heon, Jeong Da-bin, Lee Ki-woo, Lee Min-hyeok, Jeong Woo, Kang Seong-hoon

He Was Cool Details
Korean Title: Geunomeun Meoshiteotda
Korean Title: The Guy Was Cool
Year: 2004
Director: Lee Hwan-gyeong
Genre: Comedy / Romance
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitles: English

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