Green Chair

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Kim Mun-hee (Suh Jung) is a 32 years old divorced woman. She eventually engages into an affair with 19 years old Seo-hyun (Shim Ji-ho), for whom Kim is his first love. However, according to law in Korea, when it comes to sex, you are not of full age until 20. Therefore, Kim has to spend a few days in prison for seduction of minors, before she is set free and sentenced to do some hours of social work. In front of prison there isn’t only the press waiting for some statement, as they have great interest in this case, but also Seo-hyun, who is happy to be finally reunited with his beloved.
Mun-hee and Seo-hyun rent a room and stay there for some days, whereas they spend their time almost solely with sex. Anyway, Mun-hee slowly starts to understand, that this kind of relationship won’t work out forever, and thus wants to split up with Seo-hyun. But the boy asseverates that he really loves her, and that he won’t let go of her. The two find shelter at the home of a friend of Mun-hee, Jane (Oh Yun-hong). Nonetheless, where is this relationship actually heading to, and is this really love?

Green Chair Cast
Jung Suh as Kim Mun-hee
Ji-ho Shim as Seo-hyun
Yun-hong Oh as Su-jin

Green Chair Details
Also known as: Noksaek Uija
Director: Cheol-su Park
Country: South Korea
Release Date: 10 June 2005 (South Korea)
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English (Hardcoded)
Year: 2005
Genre: Not 4 Kidz, Drama, Romance

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