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A nearing middle-aged gangster named Kang-jae (Min-shik Choi) is released from prison after a short sentence for selling pornography to under aged clients. Kang-jae tries to rejoin his old gang, but is shown little respect from either his long-time friend and gang leader Yong-shik (Beyong-ho Son), nor the gang’s new recruits, who refer to him as “Mr. Idiot.”

Unfortunately for Kang-jae, the lack of respect is well-earned, as he even fails to collect payment from an elderly shop lady. When his boss Yong-shik brutally murders a rival gang lord, Kang-jae is offered the opportunity to regain his ‘corporate honor’ by assuming the blame for the murder.

Moments before giving himself up fate intervenes with a more rewarding opportunity for redemption: news of the death of his forgotten ‘paper’ wife Failan, a young, parentless Chinese woman (Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung) who a year earlier had paid to marry Kang-jae so that she could remain in South Korea to work. Kang-jae’s routine trip to the hospital to identify Failan’s body and collect her ashes becomes a journey of regret, self-discovery, and redemption.

Failan Cast
Choi Min-sik, Cecilia Cheung, Jeong Dae-Hoon, Kong Hyeong-jin, Son Byung-ho

Failan Details
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English (.srt)
Release Date: 2001
Genre: Drama / Romance

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