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Unlike most directors and writers, Kim Ki-Duk turned to filmmaking without any prior experience or training.
Shortly after his return to South Korea from Paris, he penned the story of Crocodile, which became his directorial debut in 1996.

Violent criminal Crocodile lives by the banks of the river Han in Seoul, a popular suicide spot.
Crocodile makes a living robbing the bodies of suicide victims, then charging their families and the police for information on the whereabouts of their bodies.
When he rescues a suicidal woman from drowning, a violent and abusive relationship develops between the two, and transforms their lives forever.

Crocodile Details
Country: South Korea
Release Date: 16 November 1996 (South Korea)
Genre: Drama
Duration: 99 mins 23 secs (1:39:23)
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

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