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“Blue” stars Hyeon-jun Shin (”Gingko Bed”) as Kim Jun, the best deep sea diver in the South Korean Navy’s rescue unit. Along with childhood friend Tae-hyeon (Yeong-ho Kim), Jun had joined the Navy, where they both fell for the same girl, although it’s the free-spirited Jun who gets her. Eun-kyung Shin (”My Wife is a Gangster”) plays Su-jin, the third part in this familiar love triangle. When Jun accidentally discovers that his buddy Tae-hyeon also has feelings for Su-jin, Jun resolves to save the friendship by cutting all ties with Su-jin, even though he obviously really loves her.

Fast-forward to 3 years later, and Jun and Tae-hyeon are still good friends and Lieutenants in the Navy. But the status quo is shattered with the return of Su-jin, who has come back to command their unit. Besides exploring their secret feelings and hidden resentments toward each other, the trio also has to deal with Su-yeong Ryu (”Summertime”), playing a loose cannon on the unit, and Il-jae Lee as the type of ambitious military officer that gives all military officers in predictable military movies bad names.

Blue Cast
Shin Hyeon-Jun, Shin Eun-Kyung, Kim Yeong-Ho, Kong Hyeong-Jin, Ryu Su-Yeong, Lee Il-Jae

Blue Details
Also Known As: Beurru
Directed by: Lee Jeong-Kuk
Country: Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English
Year: 2003
Genre: Action, Drama, War

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