One Missed Call

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During an evening get-together with friends, Okazaki Yoko’s (Yoko Okazaki) cell phone suddenly rings in an eerie, unusual tone. Not recognizing the tone, Yoko doesn’t pick up soon enough and the call goes into “voice mail” (chakushin). When she and sees that the call/message was from her own phone number and dated two days into the future both she and her friend Nakamura Yumi (Yumi Nakamura) listen intently to the message. What they hear is the voice of Yoko in casual chit-chat, followed by a horrendous scream, and then dead silence.

One Missed Call Cast
Kou Shibasaki- Yumi Nakamura
Shin’ichi Tsutsum- Hiroshi Yamashita
Kazue Fukiishi … Natsumi Konishi
Anna Nagata … Yoko Okazaki
Atsushi Ida … Kenji Kawai
Mariko Tsutsui … Marie Mizunuma
Kumiko Imai
Keiko Tomita
Kayoko Fujii
Yoshiko Noda

One Missed Call Details
Also Known As: Chakushin Ari
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English
Year: 2004
Genre: Horror
Video Format: Avi

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