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Ju-on The Grudge centers on the fate of social worker Nishina Rika. Rika comes to visit the house of Tokunagas (the old Saeki house) where she was summoned after the social worker assigned to the house has disappeared. Surviving a terrible experience in that house, she discovers the real reason about the deaths connected to the house. It was later revealed that Rika was the one destined to play out the curse: she was to die the same way as Kayako and become the next fulfiller of the Ju-on. In this movie, it was revealed that the curse has some time-traveling capabilities (or residual haunting) where a victim may see another victim from another time frame. An example is that Det. Toyama Yuji saw what will happen to his daughter, Izumi, years after his death when she entered the house. Izumi was just 12 when Yuji died and when she entered the house at 16, she sees her father just before he encounters Kayako. However, this is not just prior to his death, because he runs out of the house and it is later revealed by Izumi’s mother that he went crazy before he died.

Ju-on The Grudge Cast
Megumi Okina … Rika Nishina
Misaki Ito … Hitomi Tokunaga
Misa Uehara … Izumi Toyama
Yui Ichikawa … Chiharu
Kanji Tsuda … Katsuya Tokunaga
Kayoko Shibata … Mariko
Yukako Kukuri … Miyuki
Shuri Matsuda … Kazumi Tokunaga
Yoji Tanaka … Yûji Toyama
Takashi Matsuyama … Takeo Saeki
Yuya Ozeki … Toshio Saeki
Takako Fuji … Kayako Saeki
Chikara Ishikura … Hirohashi
Chikako Isomura … Sachie Tokunaga
Daisuke Honda … Detective Igarashi

Ju-on The Grudge Details
Also Known As: Ju-on 3: The Grudge
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English
Video Format: Avi

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