Demonic Heroine In Peril

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Said demonic heroine is actually an assassin, charged with a formidable assignment: killing the “Trionger,” a trio of aging Power Rangers-types who can barely fight a dispensable goon without throwing out their backs. She’s not going to have much trouble smiting them—but then she befriends their sidekick, a freaking young boy with a plastic face and a mouth that doesn’t move (seriously). Now fighting on the side of the good and the decrepit, she will use her considerable fisticuff acumen to take on the bad guys.
Heroince is far better than the Combatants, but it still falls short of being something interesting and worth checking out. It’s definitely more bizarre, in that fun and slightly off-putting way that the Japanese have mastered. The villains don red afro wigs and plastic faces of their own and have pudgy male thugs dressed in uncomfortably skintight one-pieces. Plus, the torture scenes go on for some time.

Demonic Heroine In Peril Cast
Misaki, Takumi Tojo, Akira Fubuki

Demonic Heroine In Peril Details
Also Known As: Demonic Heroine In Peril
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English hardsub
Year: 2005
Genre: Action

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Demonic Heroine In Peril Movie : Download – Demonic Heroine In Peril.DramaDownload.rar

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