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Shochikubai Miroku (Akanishi Jin) is the son of a police commissioner (father) and also a traveller (mother). Miroku has lots of connections and is a very good fighter. His interest is his motorcycle.

Kikumasamune Seishiro (Yokoyuma Yu) is the rich son of a large hospital. He also fights as well as Miroku. He is a good fighter with smarts.

Bido Granmarie (Taguchi Junnosuke) is the son of a Swedish ambassador. He’s also a playboy, dating many girls at once. Granmarie can’t see himself going steady because he thinks the world can’t handle it.

Kenbishi Yuri (Minami) is the rich daughter of a world-renowned president of the Kenbishi Business. She loves to indulge on eating. She’s also a good fighter, but can never beat Seishiro.

Hakushika Noriko (Kashii Yu) is the daughter of a famous japanese painter (father) and her mother is from a tradition tea ceremony family. Her only hate is men and can get very violent when they touch her.

Kizakura Karen (Suzuki Emi) lives with her mother, a rich jewel dealer. Her dream is to marry into a rich family using her attractive body and style.

Together, they formed the Yukan Club, solving mysteries to pass time.

Yukan Club Cast
* Akanishi Jin as Shochikubai Miroku
* Yokoyama Yu as Kikumasamune Seishiro
* Taguchi Junnosuke as Bido Granmarie
* Minami as Kenbishi Yuri
* Kashii Yu as Hakushika Noriko
* Suzuki Emi as Kizakura Karen
* Kaga Takeshi as Shochikubai Tokimune
* Kataoka Tsurutaro as Kenbishi Mansaku
* Kato Kazuko as Kenbishi Yuriko
* Shirakawa Yumi as the School Director
* Hasegawa Hatsunori as Principal Kurata
* Hankai Kazuaki as Head Teacher Murakami
* Okayama Hajime as Officer Soma
* Sumita Takashi (住田隆) as Officer Katori
* Kubo Akira as Godai
* Yamada Shintaro (schoolmate)

Yukan Club Details
# Title: 有閑倶楽部
# Title (romaji): Yukan Club
# Also known as: Leisure Club
# Format: Renzoku
# Genre: School comedy
# Episodes: 10
Video Format: Avi

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