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Sakaki Ryo is a young man in the outskirts of Tokyo and has experienced a series of setbacks in life – such as giving up his childhood dreams of playing soccer and being unable to settle into a job. One day, his best friend Eitaro tells, the number-one host of a Roppongi club. Wanting to help out Eitaro, Ryo heads to Roppongi with him to try to settle the matter. After the arrogant Renjo issues Ryo a challenge, Ryo enters the world of the nightlife in an effort to compete against Renjo as a host.

* Tsukamoto Takashi as Sakaki Ryo
* Yamada Yusuke as Renjo Toru
* Atae Shinjiro as Okawa Eitaro
* Nagasawa Nao (長澤奈央) as Matsuyama Sayaka
* Kotani Yoshikazu as Yamaji Tatsuhiko
* Chihara Seiji as Saikatsu Kenzo
* Adachi Yumi as Nagamoto Eri
* Hakamada Yoshihiko as Seito Koichi
* Kimura Kazuya (木村一八) as Harada Shoji
* Ryu Raita as Okochi Katsuya
* Kurokawa Mei as Aizawa Youko
* Morioka Tomona as Harada’s daughter

TEIOH Details
# Title: 帝王
# Title (romaji): TEIOH
# Format: Renzoku
# Episodes: 9
Video Format: Avi

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TEIOH Episode 1 : Download
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TEIOH Episode 3 : Download
TEIOH Episode 4 : Download
TEIOH Episode 5 : Download
TEIOH Episode 6 : Download
TEIOH Episode 7 : Download
TEIOH Episode 8 : Download

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TEIOH English Subtitles: Download

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  1. Thank you for the download links!

    I quite enjoyed this drama. It’s no masterpiece, and the “anything is possible” message of this drama is at times a bit unbelievable – but there is also the likeable personality of the main character, Ryo, who might remind a lot of people of themselves as he doesn’t know what to do with his life. I really like the insight into the host and cabaret clubs, it’s no documentary but it provides a lot of interesting background information.