Legend of the Wolf

Legend of the Wolf Hong Kong Movie English Sub Download

Legend of the Wolf is the story of Wolf (Yen), a soldier who has lost his memory and is searching for the one thing that has stuck in his mind, a woman (Carmen Lee). Along his travels he encounters a village where a young man (Dayo Wong) offers to become his guide. They are ambushed and Wolf displays his superior fighting skills as he defeats a small army. Wong is amazed and wants to learn Wolf’s sword technique and begins to refer to him as ‘Hero’.

Legend of the Wolf Cast
* Donnie Yen as Fung Man-hin
* Carman Lee as Yee
* Dayo Wong as Wai
* Edmond Leung as young killer
* Ben Lam as gang boss
* Mak Wai-cheung as monkey-style fighter
* Lai Suk-yin
* Tony Tam
* Tanigaki Kenji
* Mandy Chan
* Sam Hoh
* Chiu Wing-hoi
* Cub Chin
* Lee Tat-chiu
* Renee Dai

Legend of the Wolf Details
Also Known As: Chin long chuen suet
Directed by: Donnie Yen
Country: Hong-Kong
Language: Mandarin
Subtitle: English (Hard-Subbed)
Year: 1997
Genre: Action, Drama

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Legend of the Wolf Movie : Download – legend of the wolf.DramaDownload.mkv