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Stephen Chow plays a selfish yet in some places kind hearted barrister who tricks his servant in doing things for his own benefit.

Eric Kot playing the servant is misguided by what he thinks is love and leaves Chow vowing that he will never need Chow’s help again in life. Shortly afterwards Kot gets into some big trouble (due to be executed) with the British and calls on Chow for help. Chow tries to help his client, but is fish out of water when he has to fight this court room case according to western rules.

The story itself is a bit weak, and i found that the film relies on the humour Chow provides. Some moments of the film are extremely funny while some scenes with Eric Kot in are meant to be funny but arent (maybe i just dont get his humour). Nevertheless it is a good Stephen Chow film and a must see for his fans. For the rest of the world, i would recommend that this is a rental.

Lawyer Lawyer Cast
Stephen Chow Sing-Chi …Chan Mung Gat

Eric Kot Man-Fai … Ho Foon
Chingmy Yau Suk-Ching … Lotus Shui
Karen Mok Man-Wai … Wu Man

Lawyer Lawyer Details
Alias: Lawyer Lawyer
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese
Circuit: Newport
Genres: Historical Drama Comedy
Rating: II B (Hong Kong)
Release Date: 08/01/1997
Video Format: Avi

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