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It is a 1998 Hong Kong martial arts action film directed by Tung Wai, and starring Jet Li, Eric Tsang, and Simon Yam. The plot deals with a rogue assassin known as the “King of Killers”, and a bounty placed on the Angel’s head being pursued by an ex-soldier played by Li.
Financially troubled, a newbieHitmanreluctantly takes the job of finding the plotted killer of a Japanese tycoon, but things complicate when the tycoon is killed and he is forced to ally with a misfortunateHitmanto find the “King of the Hitman.”

Hitman Cast
* Jet Li – Fu, the main character, an extremely skilled melee fighter, but also a naive and inexperienced hitman-in-training
* Eric Tsang – Ngok Lo, a self-proclaimed “rat bastard” who makes the rent by any means necessary and is a notorious liar and cheater
* Simon Yam – Officer Chan Kwan, a capable and determined detective who is actually the dangerous vigilante King of Killers alter ego
* Renji Sato – Eiji Tsukamoto, a ruthless and focused gang member who seeks the bounty on his grandfather’s killer
* Gigi Leung – Kiki, Lo’s daughter. An intelligent and beautiful lawyer who is exasperated with her father’s misdoings
* Paul Rapovski – The Tall Guy, Tsukamoto’s lead bodyguard and a skilled, if not cheap, fighter
* Yip Kwong-Kim – Kim, a lawyer in charge of the revenge fund who is not above lying to make a profit
* Hideri Meiken – unnamed Japanese karate-practitioner who is Tsukamoto’s bodyguard
* Kenji Sahara – crime lord Tsukamoto, a sleazy and notorious ex-yakuza boss who is assassinated by the King of Killers at the beginning of the film
* Timmy Ho – unnamed detective in charge of finding and exposing the King of Killers
* John Ching – Kau, a small-town triad lieutenant who was briefly Fu’s boss
* Ng Chi Hung – a father who was erroneously believed to be the King of Killers

Hitman Details
Also Known As:Hitman(Literal Title: King of Killers, Sat Sau Ji wong 殺手之王), also known as Contract Killer in the United States.

Country: Hong Kong

Language: Divx – Cantonese, 720 p Cantonese/Mandarin (dual audio)

Subtitle: English (Embedded)

Year: 1998

Genre: Action, Comedy

Director: Tung Wai
Video Format: Avi

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