Devil Fetus

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Lau Hung-cheun spins this ultra-low-budget gross-out horror flick. When a nice young couple buy an antique vase during the Festival of the Hungry Ghosts, all sorts of bizarre and unnatural things start occurring. For one thing, a series of nasty, horrid monsters start having sex with the wife, Shu-ching, while she sleeps. When her husband tries to break up one of these nightmare trysts, he gets sprayed with a gas that melts his face. Writhing in pain, he throws himself out the window. Later, the hapless Shu-ching gets attacked and killed by her pet cat. During the funeral, a hideous devil fetus bursts out of Shu-ching’s abdomen. The priest manages to seal the coffin shut and puts good luck charms throughout their old house. When new owners arrive, they inevitably disturb the talismans, resulting in worm-infested pastries and a rash of raping and killing.

Devil Fetus Cast
Ngai Dik, Lui Sau-ling, Liu Pui-pui

Devil Fetus Details
Also Known As:Mo tai
Country:Hong Kong
Language:Mandarin or Cantonese i don’t know
Subtitle: English
Genre:Horror, Gore
Video Format: Avi

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