An Empress and the Warrior

An Empress and the Warrior Hong Kong Movie English Sub Download

Set during the Warring States Period, centers on Princess Fei’er who is commanded by her dying father on the battlefield to defend their country with General Xuehu. The princess is later attacked and injured by the treacherous official Wu Ba, but is rescued by Duan Lanquan, whom she falls in love with. Faced with continued attack from outside and within, the princess must make some important decisions to ensure the survival of herself and her country.

An Empress and the Warrior Details
An Empress & the Warriors
Jiang Shan Meiren
Production Status: Released
Genres: Action/Adventure, Art/Foreign and Drama
Running Time: 1 hr. 39 min.
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Production Co.:
Bona International Film Group, United Filmmakers Organization (UFO), Brilliant Idea Group (BIG Pictures)
Filming Locations:

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