Survivor’s Law

Survivor’s Law Hong Kong Drama English Sub Download

Survivor’s Law (Traditional Chinese: 律政新人王) is a 25-episode TVB drama broadcast between July 14, 2003 to August 15, 2003. It is the direct prequel to 2007′s Survivor’s Law II (律政新人王II).

H.K. Firm is a down-and-out law firm looked upon with scorn and derision by the law fraternity. Owner Homer Hong Dingwei (Lok Ying Kwan), a lawyer who had his license removed for offending the judge, has no choice but to recruit fresh law graduates to revamp the firm.
Ben Lok (Raymond Lam) had been sacked by his previous employer because of his unconventional image and attitude. Saddled with his family’s financial burdens, Ben has no other choice but to work at H.K Firm. There, he meets three other young lawyers, all of whom are working for Homer for different reasons.
Vincent Cheuk (Sammul Chan) refuses to be a small fry following a big lawyer around and so joins a small firm to fight his own cases independently.
Zhong Qingling (Myolie Wu), ostrasized at the previous law firm for her passionate and righteous ways, decides to make her career in H.K. Firm instead.
Jessica Chiang (Bernice Liu), she has followed her heart and Vincent into the firm.
Through time and trial, all four become tight friends. Nevertheless, a complicated love rectangle, misunderstandings and ambitions threaten to break their bond…

Survivor’s Law Cast
Lok Family
Raymond Lam as Lok Bun 樂斌 (Ben)
Benz Hui as 樂 健
Chan Ka Yee as 袁小芳
Casper Chan as Lok Nga 樂雅
Cheuk Family
Sammul Chan as Cheuk Wai Ming 卓偉名 (Vincent)
Liu Kai Chi as 卓 凡
Chung Family
Myolie Wu as Chung Ching Ling 鍾清鈴
Lee Sing Cheung as 鍾漢星
Rosanne Lui as 梁鳳萍
Hung Family
Felix Lok as Hung Ting Wai 洪定威 (Homer)
Winnie Yeung as Nancy
H.K.Law Firm
Bernice Liu as Cheung Si Ga 蔣思嘉 (Jessica)
Juno Mak as 馬青見
Helen Tam as 李美利 (Money)
Cha Cha Chan as Liu Choi Si 苗賽詩 (Cecilia)
History Law Firm
Ruby Wong as Angela
Lee Kwok Lun as 李明傑 (Marco)
Lai Ming Nok
Ho Man Git
Law Court
Wong Wai Tak as judge
Yeung Ka Lok as judge
So Jung Hong as judge
Cheng Tse Sing as 張律師
Kwok Fung as Johnson (lawyer)

Survivor’s Law Details
Title: 律政新人王
Cantonese/Mandarin title: Leut Jing San Yan Wong / Lu Zheng Xin Ren Wang
English title: Survivor’s Law
Genre: Legal drama
Broadcast network: TVB
Episodes: 25
Broadcast period: 2003-Jul-14 to 2003-Aug-15
Opening theme song: Forget Harm (忘記傷害) by Raymond Lam
Video Format: Avi

Survivor’s Law Downloads:

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Survivor’s Law Episode 3 : Download – survivor_law_ep03-[jem].DramaDownload.avi
Survivor’s Law Episode 4 : Download – survivor_law_ep04-[jem].DramaDownload.avi
Survivor’s Law Episode 5 : Download – survivor_law_ep05-[jem].DramaDownload.avi
Survivor’s Law Episode 6 : Download – survivor_law_ep06-[jem].DramaDownload.avi
Survivor’s Law Episode 7 : Download – survivor_law_ep07-[jem].DramaDownload.avi
Survivor’s Law Episode 8 : Download – survivor_law_ep08-[jem].DramaDownload.avi
Survivor’s Law Episode 9 : Download – survivor_law_ep09-[jem].DramaDownload.avi
Survivor’s Law Episode 10 : Download – survivor_law_ep10-[jem].DramaDownload.avi
Survivor’s Law Episode 11 : Download – survivor_law_ep11-[jem].DramaDownload.avi
Survivor’s Law Episode 12 : Download – survivor_law_ep12-[jem].DramaDownload.avi
Survivor’s Law Episode 13 : Download – survivor_law_ep13-[jem].DramaDownload.avi
Survivor’s Law Episode 14 : Download – survivor_law_ep13-[jem].DramaDownload.avi
Survivor’s Law Episode 15 : Download – survivor_law_ep15-[jem].DramaDownload.avi
Survivor’s Law Episode 16 : Download – survivor_law_ep16-[jem].DramaDownload.avi
Survivor’s Law Episode 17 : Download – survivor_law_ep17-[jem].DramaDownload.avi
Survivor’s Law Episode 18 : Download – survivor_law_ep18-[jem].DramaDownload.avi
Survivor’s Law Episode 19 : Download – survivor_law_ep19-[jem].DramaDownload.avi
Survivor’s Law Episode 20 : Download – survivor_law_ep20-[jem].DramaDownload.avi
Survivor’s Law Episode 21 : Download – survivor_law_ep21-[jem].DramaDownload.avi
Survivor’s Law Episode 22 : Download – survivor_law_ep22-[jem].DramaDownload.avi
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Survivor’s Law Episode 24 : Download – survivor_law_ep24-[jem].DramaDownload.avi
Survivor’s Law Episode 25 : Download – survivor_law_ep25.END[jem].DramaDownload.avi