Survivor’s Law 2

Survivor’s Law 2 Hong Kong Drama English Sub Download

Righteous young man SUN MAN KWAN (Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming) comes from the grassroots. To put the doctrine “All men are equal before the law” to the test, he study law at university. After a few years of hard work he has finally become a lawyer. Although his boss appreciates his unconventional way of doing things, his colleagues always try hard to avoid him. His personal assistant, CHEUK WAI MING (Sammul Chan Kin Fung), is an exception. MING admires KWAN’s out-of-the-box style and always lends him a hand on the quiet. As time goes by, two men become good friends.

KWAN defies the rich and the influential. In light of this, he looks down upon SUEN LEI LEI (Ella Koon), who is also a lawyer, for what she does and how she behaves. Their frequent co-operations very often are full of hilarious episodes. In LEI’s eyes, KWAN is no different than a rascal who leads a lousy life and who always dallies with women. Later on, LEI is attacked and almost gets killed because of a lawsuit. Fortunately, KWAN comes to her rescue. Not until then does she realize she loves him indeed. But fate has it that she and MING have become lovers for the sake of her father’s business. Meanwhile, just when their relationship is at a standstill, MING learns that his ex-girlfriend, CHENG CHOI YUK (Selena Li Sze Wan), is pregnant with his child.

Survivor’s Law 2 Cast
Kenneth Ma as Sun Man Gwun 辛萬軍 (MK)
Ella Koon as Suen Lei Lei 孫俐俐 (Lily)
Sammul Chan as Cheuk Wai Ming 卓偉名 (Vincent)
Selena Li as Cheng Choi Yuk 鄭彩玉
Rebecca Chan as Cheen Siu Ham 錢韶涵 (Brenda)
Chun Wong as Wong Teen Bo 王天保
Kwok Fung as Suen Bat To 孫伯滔
Bowie Wu as Poon Wing Leung 潘永良
Queenie Chu as Kan Ming Wai 簡明慧
June Chan as Ding Lai Na 丁麗娜
Power Chan as Sun Man Gum 辛萬金
Pierre Ngo as Fan Zhun Ting 范振庭
Wong Ching as Cheng Gum Tong 鄭錦棠
Fung So Bor as Bat Mei 白薇
Yoyo Chen as Stephy
Fred Cheng as forensic scientist (guest)
Sharon Luk
Henry Lo

Survivor’s Law 2 Details
Title: 律政新人王
Cantonese/Mandarin title: Leut Jing San Yan Wong / Lu Zheng Xin Ren Wang
English title: Survivor’s Law 2
Genre: Legal drama
Broadcast network: TVB
Episodes: 20
Broadcast period: 2007-Dec-24 to 2008-Jan-18
Air time: Monday to Friday 21:30-22:30
Opening theme song: Choose Me (選擇我) by Kenneth Ma
Video Format: Avi

Survivor’s Law 2 Downloads:

Survivor’s Law 2 Episode 1 : Download – Survivor Law II 01.DramaDownload.avi
Survivor’s Law 2 Episode 2 : Download – Survivor Law II 02.DramaDownload.avi
Survivor’s Law 2 Episode 3 : Download – Survivor Law II 03.DramaDownload.avi
Survivor’s Law 2 Episode 4 : Download – Survivor Law II 04.DramaDownload.avi
Survivor’s Law 2 Episode 5 : Download – Survivor Law II 05.DramaDownload.avi
Survivor’s Law 2 Episode 6 : Download – Survivor Law II 06.DramaDownload.avi
Survivor’s Law 2 Episode 7 : Download – Survivor Law II 07.DramaDownload.avi
Survivor’s Law 2 Episode 8 : Download – Survivor Law II 08.DramaDownload.avi
Survivor’s Law 2 Episode 9 : Download – Survivor Law II 09.DramaDownload.avi
Survivor’s Law 2 Episode 10 : Download – Survivor Law II 10.DramaDownload.avi
Survivor’s Law 2 Episode 11 : Download – Survivor Law II 11.DramaDownload.avi
Survivor’s Law 2 Episode 12 : Download – Survivor Law II 12.DramaDownload.avi
Survivor’s Law 2 Episode 13 : Download – Survivor Law II 13.DramaDownload.avi
Survivor’s Law 2 Episode 14 : Download – Survivor Law II 14.DramaDownload.avi
Survivor’s Law 2 Episode 15 : Download – Survivor Law II 15.DramaDownload.avi
Survivor’s Law 2 Episode 16 : Download – Survivor Law II 16.DramaDownload.avi
Survivor’s Law 2 Episode 17 : Download – Survivor Law II 17.DramaDownload.avi
Survivor’s Law 2 Episode 18 : Download – Survivor Law II 18.DramaDownload.avi
Survivor’s Law 2 Episode 19 : Download – Survivor Law II 19.DramaDownload.avi
Survivor’s Law 2 Episode 20 : Download – Survivor Law II 20.DramaDownload.avi

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