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Leung Tsan (Yuen Biao), a cook and a disciple of Wing Chun Master, Wong Wah Po (Yuen Wah), just wants to earn enough money to marry his sweetheart, Cheung Kin Hei (Maggie Siu). Just when his dream becomes possible, he becomes a suspect in the murder of a Manchu martial arts expert when he flees the scene with Ping Yi (Charmaine Li) whom he accidentally met. His master sends him to his classmate, Leung Yee Tai (Bryan Leung), in Foshan for safety. Determined to return to marry his fiancee, he begins his own investigation into the murder.

Hearing rumors that Tsan may have fled to Foshan to avoid marrying her, Hei and her herbalist father soon follow. But because of her forthright actions and outspoken ways, Hei ends up having to agree to a fake temporary marriage with the powerful and rich old merchant, Mr. Chan, in order to save herself from a lustful villain. Mr. Chan dies soon after the wedding, leaving her a widow. Determined to help Mr. Chan’s family, she stays a while longer to run his business and later, to help reform his delinquent son, Chan Wah Shun (Timmy Hung).

His investigations lead Tsan to Mr. Chan’s businesses and he tries to find work there. He becomes a cook for the Chan family and is shocked to find Cheung Kin Hei there, married. Misunderstandings arise. Tsan continues to investigate. Tai, an official, befriends him and tries to keep Tsan clear of the case. A beautiful Manchu princess (Selena Li) meets Tsan and after a series of misadventures, decides she wants a closer acquaintance with him. Unknown to him, the murder is tied to the corrupt dealings of a very high government official. After the truth is finally revealed, he has to find a way to win his sweetheart back again because of all that has happened.

Real Kung Fu Cast
Yuen Biao as Leung Tsan 梁贊

Jeffrey Wong as young Leung Tsan

Maggie Siu as Cheung Kin Hei 張見喜
Bryan Leung as Leung Yee Tai 梁二娣
Gordon Liu as Lin Yung 連勇
Jack Wu as Siu Fu Yong 小芙蓉
Timmy Hung as Chan Ya Shun 陳華順
Charmaine Li as Tse Ping Yi 謝蘋兒
Selena Li as Ho Yuet 皓月
Derek Kwok as Lap Lan Ching Kwong 納蘭正光
Yu Tze Ming as Chan Lok Fung 陳樂豐
Helen Ma as Chan Yuk Hing 陳玉馨
Peter Lai as Chan Hing Fung 陳慶豐
Candy Chiu as Chiu Gam Chi 趙金枝
Jimmy Au as Lai Tin Hung 厲天雄
Ricky Wong as Au Yeung Pau 歐陽豹
Candy Chu as Chun Fa 春花
Stephen Au as Long Fo Bui Huk 隆科貝克 (ep01)
Yuen Wah as Wong Wah Bo 黃華寶 (ep05)
Kwok Fung as Cheung Loi Kwai 張來貴
Wong Ching as Yi Dak 爾德
Cha Cha Chan as Siu Ying 小瑩 (Ho Yuet’s servant)
Johnson Law as Cho Sam Biu 曹三標
Hoffman Cheng as a prison guard
Lau Kong as Lam Chak Chui 林則徐
Stephen Wong as Lui Bing 雷炳 / A Bing 阿炳
Lam King Kong as Cheng Tien 鄭田

Real Kung Fu Details
Title: 佛山贊師父
Cantonese/Mandarin title: Fut San Tsan Si Fu / Fuo Shan Jan Shi Fu
English title: Real Kung Fu
Genre: Ancient, kung fu
Episodes: 20
Video Format: Avi

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